July 7, 2014

President Joan Loew opened the meeting at Luigis

              BIRTHDAYS:          Matt Vogel           July 13th

             ANNIVERSARY:     Ingersolls             July 9th                                                                                                                                                         

Our speaker today was Brett Ingersoll, Arlington Place tour.                      

Bruce Bearinger was a guest today, he plans to join the Oelwein Rotary Club.  Welcome, Bruce!

A thank you was received from OCAD for the Rotary sponsorship of a hole at their golf tournament.

The Oelwein Library will host an author tonight who can not recognize faces, on Thursday at 6:30 they will host a Brew beer program.

Ragbrai will be in Oelwein on Friday, July 25th.  Kent, Brian, Susan, Brett, Al, Ashley, Kathie +1, and Curt stated they would be available to work the booth during this event, others will still get a chance to sign up at a future meeting.  Kent Nelson and Dean Schlitter will co-chair the committee.  Non-Rotarians are also welcome to help make this a success.

July 21st will be our quarterly joint Rotary meeting with Independence, West Union and Sumner.  We will also have a board meeting immediately following that meeting.

New board members beginning July 1st include Jamie Letzring and Sandie Graf replacing outgoing past-president, Brian Batterson and board member, Laura Sires.  Al Sanderson has made his intention known to resign from the board December 2014 since he will be gone for the winter.  That leaves a board opening for the beginning of next year.  Please consider this opening and contact Joan Loew if you would like more information.

The Rotary Golf Tournament will be held August 23rdPlease have a team in attendance to make this event a success.  Team sponsorships are also available.       

Matt Vogel’s name was drawn for the jackpot of $16.00, he was not in attendance so there will be another carryover for next week.

Happy Bucks were given by: Steve Westerberg who enjoyed his vacation.  Jamie Letzring who celebrated both of her children’s birthday’s over the weekend.  Dean Schlitter was able to spend some time at Okoboji over the holiday. Bob Larimer was happy his geothermal is installed.

Upcoming meetings:

            July 14 - Connie Leicher with Lifeline

July 21st -  tour Whittenbaugh’s Conifer Garden

July 28th  - Wally Rundle on tornado siren system, weather radios, smoke detectors, etc

August 4th   Bruce Bearing, OCAD and Representative

August 11th Tyler Vogel


July:  Matt Vogel, Susan Macken, Deb Howard

August:  Gene Fuelling, Terri Derflinger, Gerald Bauer, Jamie Letzring