Posted by Dylan Mulfinger on Feb 24, 2020
Rotary Minutes
President Dylan Mulfinger called the meeting to order at Pizza Ranch
Visitors  – Callie Berryman
Student Rotarians – yes 
  • Rotary
    • March Social includes District President Michelle Bell at Generations 5:30 (attendance required) 
  • OCAD
  • City Thankful for people participating in tour of homes
  • School
    • Yeah Sports
  • Community
Birthdays- C.J. Lensing Feb 27
Spouse Birthdays: None
Anniversaries: None
Member Anniversaries – None
Happy Bucks – Kerns, Rueber, Schares, Mulfinger, Bradley, Dewey
Drawing – $14 to Kruger (the pot carries) 
Fines – No fine with such a happy group
Speaker- Mayor Brett DeVore
Next Speakers: 
March: Mike Kerns, Jon King, CJ Lensing, Luke Rochette
April: Matt Vogel, Paul Schmitz, Bryce Bently