Posted by Dylan Mulfinger on Jun 28, 2021
Rotary Minutes
President Dylan Mulfinger called the meeting to order at Oelwein Chamber of Commerce 6 South Frederick
Visitors  – None
Student Rotarians – None
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    • Sweet Corn August 9
  • OCAD
  • City 
  • School
    • Sports, Yea 
  • Community
Todd Bradley June 25
Spouse Birthdays: 
Travis and Erica Bushaw June 28 2008 (13 Years)
Member Anniversaries:
Happy Bucks – Mulfinger, Howard, Bahe, Solsma, Bradley, Nelson, Rueber, Kerns
Drawing – $7.00 Stahley
Fines – Dig on current president, never served as president 
Speaker- Goal Planning for Rotary 
Next Speakers:
July: Deb Howard and Susan Macken
August: Todd Bradley, Lyle Miller, Char Dehaven
September: Adam Graunke, Terri Derflinger, Tina Kaufman, Amanda Stahley
October: Sandi Graf, Adam Kruger, Deb Weigel, Rebekah Pryor