Posted by Dylan Mulfinger on May 13, 2019
Rotary Minutes
President Josh Ehn called the meeting to order at Mona's Fire Pit and Grill
Visitors  – Josh Schunk, students for Rotary Youth Leadership 
Student Rotarians – No Updates
  • Rotary
    • Canoe Races June 1
      • Bring a friend
    • Pork Chops August 15
  • OCAD
  • City
  • School
Birthdays- Jon King 5/6, Hilary Weber 5/9, Adam Kruger 5/9, Neil Wilkinson 5/15, Deb Weigel 5/16
Spouse Birthdays: None
Anniversaries: None
Member Anniversaries – None
Happy Bucks – Josh, Dylan, Nate, Tina, Kerns, Matt, Curt
Drawing – $21 to Sarah Lewis
Fines – Sarah, Susan, People that did not clean the dog park
Speaker-  Dylan Mulfinger and Rotary Foundation, Drawing Winners Matt Vogel, Jon King, Dylan Muflinger, Laura Frana
June- Hilary, Courtney, Brian, Tina